Stump Grinding Service

Stump Grinding

After trees are removed, homeowners are often left with unsightly stumps. These stumps in many cases can sprout due to their invasive roots. They can be very difficult to remove. While some homeowners may attempt to remove the stump themselves, the long roots make it impossible to pull out.

Stump grinding is performed to completely remove the stump and prevent the roots from growing any further. It can be performed in tight areas, allowing homeowners to reclaim the space. Big Wood Tree Service will use heavy equipment to thoroughly remove the stump above the ground's surface. This will ensure that the roots below the surface cannot sprout and form another tree. Eventually, the roots will decompose. A stump grinder will effectively chip away at the stump, leaving a surface that can be covered with other foliage or grass. In most cases, the grinds can be used as mulch, making the process green friendly.

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