Tree Removal Service in Brevard County

Tree Trimming

Tree removal can be very dangerous when around structure and people. An experienced arborist is necessary to maintain safety for people and surrounding property. Homeowners should never attempt to remove a tree alone, as they risk harm to the home and personal injury.

Arborists will safely and effectively remove a tree while following strict safety guidelines. Tree removal requires great skill and experience. It's not as simple as cutting it down from the trunk. Instead, Big Wood Tree Service will use heavy machinery or ropes and pulleys in the event of tight working space in order to remove the tree safely.

Furthermore, we  have an insurance policy in place to protect the home and workers in the case of unfortunate events. That being said, Big Wood Tree Service works safely at all times to ensure that removal goes smoothly. After the tree is removal we will haul away any debris. We will keep the lawn and surrounding area in order throughout the job and upon completion.

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